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15:07-- Vendég_9803: what are you doing
15:07-- Vendég_4717: «link» gives the unlimited club music download ability
15:07-- Vendég_7772: haha really?... well I guess I will buy a Matricom «link» to get an Android device.
15:07-- Vendég_9703: Uhm I aint tryna argue wit u about it...
15:07-- Vendég_2766: Yall stupids don't made sense.
15:07-- Vendég_7746: Whats happening in this place?
15:07-- Vendég_6654: What were you rambling on about again?
15:07-- Vendég_7674: Yeah forreal! Surprised you guys are even talk in this chat
15:07-- Vendég_5598: the DJ music at «link» is great
15:07-- Vendég_7207: Look at this stuff..Its mostly ppl writing garbage
15:07-- Vendég_3560: I know right? I'm thinking about it...
15:07-- Vendég_3813: In any case you go, you can't go wrong. Both choices are extremely affordable as well as will give years of Kodi amusement for you and also your entire family members.
15:08-- Vendég_4310: I see
15:08-- Vendég_2953: What were you talking about again?
15:08-- Vendég_3695: how...
15:08-- Vendég_6388: ;)
15:08-- Vendég_8119: I recently bought the kodi stick from this site «link»
15:08-- Vendég_7047: Yall stupids dont made sense.
15:08-- Vendég_8278: Look at this stuff..Its mostly ppl posting nonsense
15:08-- Vendég_3834: I gotta go pee
15:08-- Vendég_2667: All of it come down to what you expect from your Kodi tool. Do you intend to use Kodi largely?
15:08-- Vendég_5878: What about Kodi addons? «link» does Matricom use Kodi?
15:08-- Vendég_6350: look at this blogs are pretty good «link»
15:08-- Vendég_9018: definitelllly the matricom box is much better for Kodi. «link»
15:08-- Vendég_3370: :)
15:08-- Vendég_1513: Hahah «link» you say?
15:08-- Vendég_4723: They visited «link» to listen to club MP3s for free.
15:08-- Vendég_3523: Thefuture is pretty cool. Check it out for yourself «link»
15:08-- Vendég_1247: Whats happening in this place?
15:08-- Vendég_5955: Non magical stuff!
15:08-- Vendég_2439: OK
15:08-- Vendég_9887: Im so damn tired of this stuff
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15:08-- Vendég_3923: Well peep at the choices they have «link»
15:08-- Vendég_7433: Kodi is much more popular than ever before. Did you recognize that there are millions of TV boxes in the globe right now being used for Kodi?
15:08-- Vendég_3470: well...


:) :( ;) :P :D :| :O :S O.O 8) :_( :-* (!) (?)